Celebration Wall

Lifeline of Ohio will feature a “Celebration Wall” to celebrate ALL stories of donation! We invite you to submit your story, whether you are on a team or not! Stories submitted (please limit to no larger than 12×12, including pictures) will be featured at the Dash for Donation finish line!

Please note, because of space limitations, we are only able to hang one mini-poster per honoree—donor (including living donor), recipient, candidate, volunteer, or believer. Please send Celebration Wall submissions to dash@lifelineofohio.org.


T-shirt Row

For all teams that create a t-shirt, you’ll have a place to show them off at T-Shirt Row. We ask all Team Captains who customize their shirts to bring an extra one to hang up. After the race, be sure to see all of the creative ways participants honor their loved ones and celebrate second chances! For questions, please contact us at dash@lifelineofohio.org.