Heroic donors set record in 2020

While the need for registered donors is great, we do want to pause to thank our donor heroes. In 2020, heroic donors gave a record amount of organs, corneas and tissues, resulting in saving and healing more lives than ever before!

Lifeline of Ohio worked closely with donor families and transplant centers to ensure every opportunity for donation was maximized to save the greatest number of lives.

organ and 1.75 million tissue transplants were performed in the United States in 2020.
individuals in Central and Southeastern Ohio shared the gift of life through organ donation at the time of their death in 2020.
individuals in Central and Southeastern Ohio shared the gift of healing through tissue donation in 2020.
individuals in Central and Southeastern Ohio shared the gift of sight through cornea donation in 2020.


Members of the media may choose to access Lifeline of Ohio's multimedia resources including fact sheets, preferred terminology, video assets and logos for story development.

Fact Sheet
  • Lifeline of Ohio Organization Fact Sheet
  • The national transplant waiting list for a lifesaving organ transplant is rising at an alarming rate, with nearly 108,000 individuals currently on the list.
  • Nearly 60 percent of Ohioans are registered organ, eye and tissue donors.
  • In Ohio, more than 3,100 people – approximately 700 in Central Ohio – are waiting for an organ transplant, and hundreds more await tissue and corneal transplants.
  • Approximately 20 times each day a man, woman or child dies for lack of an available organ. Once every 48 hours, an Ohioan dies waiting. Thousands more are waiting for tissue and corneal transplants.
  • In Central and Southeastern Ohio, 446 lives were saved in 2020 through organ donation and transplantation. This was a 16.76% increase over 2019.
  • 165 organ donors gave the gift of life (16.2% increase over 2019)
  • 517 organs were transplanted from these heroic donors (22.22% increase over 2019)
  • 584 tissue donors healed thousands (9.09% increase over 2019)
  • 234 cornea donors gave the gift of sight – we experienced a decrease in this area due to COVID.
  • New moms donated 199 placentas through the Lifeline of Ohio Placenta Donation Program
  • In the United States, 39,035 organ transplants were performed in 2020 and more than 1.75 million tissue transplants were performed.

How Does An Ohioan Register As A Donor?

Ohioans may declare their wish to become a donor by registering online through www.lifelineofohio.org. Additionally, individuals may declare their decision when at the BMV, or by completing a Donor Registry Enrollment Form by calling 800-525-5667.

The Ohio Donor Registry is an individual’s first person authorization to donate the gift of life at the time of their death, if possible, through organ, eye and tissue donation.

Lifeline of Ohio encourages everyone to talk to their loved ones about their donation decision. When the next-of-kin knows their loved one’s decision at the time of death, it is one of the most helpful steps a grieving family can take to deal with its loss.

Video Assets

Lifeline of Ohio general b-roll

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Media Terminology Guide

We kindly request that media covering donation and transplantation stories consider using the following terminology out of respect to donor heroes and their loved ones and to describe the lifesaving donation and transplantation process most accurately.

  • Organs, tissues and corneas are “recovered,” not “harvested,” “removed” or “taken.”
  • An individual who is brain dead may be on “mechanical support” but not “life support.”
  • Organ, tissue and cornea donors are “deceased donors” or “donor heroes” not “cadavers” or “cadaveric donors.”
  • Brain death is death; it is permanent and irreversible. The individual is “clinically and legally deceased” not “in a coma,” and they cannot “wake up.”
  • Patients waiting for a lifesaving organ transplant are placed on the “national transplant waiting list.”
  • Hospitals where donation takes place are “donor hospitals.” Hospitals where transplantation takes place are “transplant centers.”

Lifeline of Ohio is an independent, non-profit organization who promotes and coordinates the donation of human organs and tissue for transplantation. Lifeline of Ohio serves 78 hospitals in 38 counties in Ohio and two in West Virginia and is designated as an organ procurement organization through the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Ohio is a unique state in that there are four organ procurement organizations serving its citizens

  • Lifebanc in Cleveland, serving Northeast Ohio;
  • Life Connection of Ohio in Dayton and Toledo, serving Western Ohio
  • Life Center Organ Donor Network in Cincinnati, serving Southwestern Ohio

Media Contact Information

We will respond promptly to media inquiries directed to the following phone or email – (800) 525-5667 or email media@lifelineofohio.org.