The power to give means more lives are being saved

We are thankful to each and every person who says “yes” to donation. With hundreds of thousands of men, women and children waiting for a lifesaving transplant, they can feel powerless waiting for their donor hero. YOU have the power to help others in need.

The Power to Give

Behind every number is a real human impact

A single donor has the potential to save 8 lives through organ donation and heal more than 75 through tissue donation. The ripple effect of one person saying ‘yes’ to donation is powerful. And that powerful decision is felt by recipients, family members, friends, colleagues and so many more.

lives can be saved and more than 75 can be healed by one person.
Central Ohioans—and nearly 3,000 people across the state—are waiting for organ transplants. Hundreds more await tissue and cornea transplants.
More than 104,000 Americans are waiting for a lifesaving organ transplant.
times a day, a man, woman or child dies for lack of an available organ.

Honoring Donation in 2022

While the need for registered donors is great, we do want to pause to thank our donor heroes. In 2022, heroic donors saved and healed thousands of lives!

Lifeline of Ohio worked closely with donor families and transplant centers to ensure every opportunity for donation was maximized to save the greatest number of lives.

organ and 1.75 million tissue transplants were performed in the United States in 2022.
individuals in Central and Southeastern Ohio shared the gift of life through organ donation at the time of their death in 2022.
individuals in Central and Southeastern Ohio shared the gift of healing through tissue and cornea donation in 2022.
lives were saved by heroic organ donors in 2022.