Donor Jul 10, 2017
Team Zoe – Dash for Donation Our daughter Zoe was born May 6, 2013. She was warmly welcomed into our family and her big brother Parker was so excited! She was a sweet and healthy baby, an all-around girly girl. Most of the time she wore flowers in her hair and dresses. Very sadly, Zoe passed when she was just six-weeks old due to SIDS.
Recipient Jul 5, 2017
Carletta’s Crusaders – Dash for Donation At age 25, mom was diagnosed with kidney failure. For six years she went to dialysis three times a week for four hours at a time. She did this while raising myself and my two sisters. Life was tough, but she was tougher.
Donor Jul 3, 2017
River’s Runners – Dash for Donation River's passion for music was so deep, he was considering becoming an elementary school music teacher. Unfortunately, his dreams were not meant to be. River passed away December 18, 2016 as a result of a car accident. He was just 20-years old.
Recipient Jun 27, 2017
Beyond Thankful for This Gift My journey to a liver transplant began in the 80s when I learned I had contracted Hepatitis C. For the next 20-plus years, I was exhausted and my stomach was bloated, but I attributed not feeling well to being overworked and raising a family.
Recipient Jun 27, 2017
“I can do that” – Team Jordan “I can do that. I can do anything.” Those are words said by my heroic donor, Jordan Ayers. He was right – he could do anything. He saved my life.
Recipient Jun 15, 2017
My Dad’s Hero In 2013, my dad had blood work that came back abnormal from a neurologist appointment. We couldn’t believe it when he was, just a few days later, diagnosed with end-stage kidney failure. We were told he could do dialysis, but he would need a kidney transplant.

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