John B. Mullins IV

Recipient Feb 13, 2018
From Dialysis to Dancing I was a typical teenager when my health drastically changed. I began to vomit, had little energy and just wasn’t myself. Doctors gave me several diagnoses, but no treatment plan ever quite worked to make me feel better.
Recipient Dec 13, 2017
Living for Two It’s a blessing to be here. To be alive. To be able to share my story. It’s simply a blessing because in September of 2016, I received my second chance at life through the gift of a heart transplant.
Donor Nov 7, 2017
Tim’s Purposeful Decision My husband Tim was tremendous. A tremendous athlete, husband, father and friend. He and I were married in 1998 and are the proud parents of three boys.
Recipient Nov 1, 2017
My Renewed Life In 2006, when I was diagnosed with an autoimmune liver disease - Primary Biliary Cholangitis (PBC). In most cases, people with PBC can live long lives and never need a liver transplant. However, my case was severe and doctors informed me I would need a transplant to survive.
Donor Oct 24, 2017
Steve’s Unselfish Gifts Beloved husband. Best friend. An amazing man who had a positive outlook on life. That was my Steve. He and I met our freshman year in college and were together ever since – more than 40 years.
Recipient Sep 14, 2017
A Sweet, Second Chance In August 2016, to my utter and total surprise, my health took a serious turn for the worse. For being 71 years-old, I had always been fit, relatively healthy and in good shape.

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