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Donor Stories

Team Zoe – Dash for Donation

Our daughter Zoe was born May 6, 2013. She was warmly welcomed into our family and her big brother Parker was so excited! She was a sweet and healthy baby, an all-around girly girl. Most of the time she wore flowers in her hair and dresses. She loved to be swaddled and cuddled by her family and take trips to the zoo.

Very sadly, Zoe passed when she was just six-weeks old due to SIDS. As my husband and I were trying to wrap our minds around the fact our daughter had just been declared brain dead, a representative from Lifeline of Ohio approached us with the opportunity of donation. They expressed their deep sympathy and asked if we would consider donating Zoe’s tissues to heal and save other children.

Since this is something we had never discussed, we asked for a moment to decide – there was so much going on and we were blind with grief. After my husband and I spoke, we came to the conclusion – yes, we wanted Zoe to be a donor. We felt if our six-week old could donate to save others, we should take that opportunity.

Weeks after Zoe’s passing we received a letter outlining what she was able to donate – her heart valves, knee and shoulder tissues. Knowing our sweet baby is helping to heal dozens of others and knowing a piece of her is living on is amazing. She is our hero.

To celebrate Zoe’s short life, we always visit the zoo on her birthday. It gives us time as a family to celebrate her in one of her favorite places. And this year, we are taking part in the Dash for Donation on “Team Zoe.” We are so proud of her and look forward to celebrating her short, but BIG, life with thousands of others. We encourage all to not only sign up to be a registered organ, eye and tissue donor, but to also get involved and take part in the Dash for Donation. Help us to give hope to those waiting for their second chance at life, recipients and donor families.


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