John B. Mullins IV

Donor May 1, 2017
Por los ojos de Maggie Mi hija Maggie (le llamábamos Mags) era muy amada. Ella amaba incondicionalmente, le encantaba abrazar y tenía la sonrisita más adorable. Amaba sin decir una palabra.
Donor Apr 25, 2017
The Ripples of Donation: Bob’s Story After we got back from a trip to Hawaii, Bob fell ill. We thought he might have contracted a parasite, so doctors gave him medication but it didn’t help. It wasn’t until he continued to complain to his doctor that more testing was done and revealed his heart was damaged.
Recipient Apr 18, 2017
Aubri’s New Heart When I was 21 weeks pregnant, I had an ultrasound to find out the gender of my baby. At that appointment, I learned two things that would change my life – the baby was a girl and she would be born with a heart defect.
Donor Apr 7, 2017
Thankful to my donors When I was 16, I found out I was born with only one kidney. My parents and I were surprised, because I had always been healthy. I continued on my path of good health until my mid-twenties when I started to see a nephrologist.
Donor Mar 23, 2017
Saving my Brother My little brother, Jacob, is two years younger than me. While we are a typical brother/sister duo, we do have something that sets us apart from most siblings – I donated one of my kidneys to him in 2016!
Recipient Mar 16, 2017
UPDATE! Waiting for my Donor Hero For more than three years I have been going to dialysis three times a week for five hours at a time. Dialysis is keeping me alive while I anxiously wait to receive my Gift of Life.

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