John B. Mullins IV

Recipient Dec 3, 2020
My Dad’s Hero In 2013, my dad had blood work that came back abnormal from a neurologist appointment. We couldn’t believe it when he was, just a few days later, diagnosed with end-stage kidney failure. We were told he could do dialysis, but he would need a kidney transplant.
Recipient Nov 2, 2020
Kidney recipients hit lifelong home run
Recipient Nov 28, 2018
Thankful for My Gifts of Sight Ever since I can remember, I struggled with vision issues.  I, just like my mother, was diagnosed with Corneal Dystrophy Lattice Degeneration as a toddler.
Donor Sep 6, 2018
The Tiniest of Donors In July, Lifeline of Ohio facilitated the third neonatal organ donation for research since we developed an Anencephalic Donation Program in October 2017.
Recipient Aug 14, 2018
Thankful to My Three Donors I’ve never known what it’s like to be truly healthy. When I was two, just a toddler, I was diagnosed with Focal Segmental Glomerulo Sclerosis, a rare disease which attacks the kidneys. When I was two, just a toddler, my parents were told I would eventually need a kidney transplant to survive.
Recipient Apr 23, 2018
Eternally Grateful for the Gift of Life Gabby was born in spring 2009, and the first six months of her life were spent in and out of the Nationwide Children’s Hospital, undergoing numerous tests and surgeries in order to figure out why she was yellow.

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