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Ryan Leo Tullius

Zanesville, OH. Died April 15, 2019. Ryan saved the lives of two people through organ donation.

Ryan was only with us for 15 years, but he packed so much life into that time. He was so adventurous, always first to try anything. He rode his bike for miles regardless of the weather. He thought Taco Bell was the greatest place. Breakfast, lunch and dinner!  He couldn’t wait for warm days to jump in any body of water he could find. He loved his friends and had friends from all walks of life. His friends called him Finesse Kidd.

Ryan had a passion for making goat noises. He would say “BAHHH” if things were too quiet. His teachers were not pleased! Ryan is missed more than we knew it was possible to miss someone. It gives us a great sense of peace knowing our Taco Bell-loving, goat-BAHHH-ing, wild child, who lived his life to the fullest, is now letting two others live on. Organ donation turned our tragedy into someone else’s triumph. We are so very proud Ryan has this legacy.  Ryan taught everyone to live life, not just exist.

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