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Ronita Geckle

Ronita was loved by many family members, friends and neighbors.  She in turn, loved them back through her presence, her thoughtful deeds and by simply keeping in touch with those important people in her life.  She is missed by all of us.  Ronita was passionate about many things, including her flower gardens, learning about new things, reading, cooking, baking, art, jewelry, music, cheering on her favorite teams, travel and animals.

A few items and pictures in her shadow box reflect those passions, including her past labrador retriever,  Sunny,  her present golden retriever, Quinton, the beautiful hydrangeas in her garden,  travel to Scotland, California and Sedona, a bracelet she made reflecting her love of the ocean and one of her favorite Peanuts characters, Woodstock.

One of Ronita’s favorite musicals was Les Misérables. To quote a verse from the song, Come with Me, ” To love another person is to see the face of God.”  This describes her relationships with those she loved and the love we continue to feel for her.

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