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Threads of Love Quilt

The threads of love are never broken, weaving together the hearts of those who’ve been touched by these special people.


Doug Clark

To our precious son and brother – We love you so very much and always will. May you be in peace with God.






Matt Carr

Matt was fun loving and full of life!

His relationship with God was highly expressed through his lifestyle and the people he touched along the way.

The prayer poem on this quilt was written by Matt himself. It was discovered a couple of months after his passing. It has touched many people in many, many different ways.

Matt was a tissue donor and helped 200+ people. This prayer poem explains his personal relationship with God and how his main goal in life was to touch the lives of others…and he did just that!

His life will live on forever through his memories, dreams, family & friends.

We love & miss you Matt!!


Lindsay Jones

My quilt square was made with love for my daughter, Lindsay Alyce Jones.

The background is from a pair of Lindsay’s scrubs that she hoped to wear after completing a degree in nursing.

Her picture is sewn onto her favorite pair of Express Jeans and the 17 hearts reflect Lindsay’s 17 years of life on this earth. Each heart has a special trinket of hers such as the Carnival Cruise ship pin that was from our cruise on Lindsay’s 16th birthday, a fake diamond – she was all about jewels!! I also included her favorite store – Express and her love of her Tiffany heart bracelet.

Lindsay died on her 10th day of her senior year of high school at Dublin Scioto, so I also included that on her quilt square. Lindsay’s step mom, and her two little sisters, also helped create this special memento to honor our precious Lindsay.

Kathy Harrington, Lindsay’s mom

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