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The Love of Life Quilt

The Love of Life Quilt honors the memories of some very special people. Read their tributes here.


David Lewis

October 20, 1956 – October 08, 1991

This quilt square for my son, David Lewis, is a part of him.

He was very talented and creative. He was artistic. That picture is a drawing of his right hand and part of his left hand.  He was left handed and drew the picture himself.  He also signed his initials and the date he drew it. John 3:16 is because he certainly was a gift from God to our family and I have no doubt that he is now with his heavenly father. David never said a word against anybody. David had epilepsy, did not take his medicine, and died from status epilepticus. His birthdate and death date are also on the square, but his memory will always be with us.

– Barbara Lewis


Melvin C. Kinnison

The quilt square I created in memory of my late husband, Melvin C. Kinnison, depicts his special interests. The Block “O” which frames his picture illustrates his great love for Ohio State football. The saw shows his passion for making things out of wood. Through his job as a salesman at Click Camera store in Springfield he developed an interest in photography. Mel loved the Lord and was a faithful member of the First Baptist Church in Urbana.  He did a lot of cooking for the church functions as well as at home. He was a devoted husband, and a doting father and grandfather.  His scintillating personality and the fun- loving guy he was made him an instant hit with everyone.


Marilyn Kinnison


William Michael Snyder

To our precious son and brother –
We love you so very much and always will.  May you be in peace with God.






Bill Shumaker

May 10, 1936 – January 01, 1994

The fisherman on the left hand corner represents Bill’s love for fishing.  He also taught his sons and grandsons the art and love of fishing.

The deer on the right hand corner represents his love of hunting deer and antelope.  He hunted deer in Ohio, Michigan, and Montana.

The cow on the bottom left hand side represents his career in agri-business.  He started as a farmer then became an agri-business salesman, then started his own business “Agri-Aid.”  He sold animal health products to dairyman and soil conditioners and silage products.

The hound dog represents the “coon” dogs he had for years.  He shared his love for hunting raccoons with many friends and also with his sons and grandsons.

The heart is yellow because yellow was Bill’s favorite color.  As it states he was a loving husband, father, and grandfather.  Bill was also a very generous person in life, so it was only natural that he share his organs in death, so that others could continue to enjoy life as he did.


Doug Clark

To our precious son and brother –
We love you so very much and always will. May you be in peace with God.





William (Bill) Lee Black

August 27, 1930 – January 19, 1989

Bill was a wonderful husband, father and grandfather.

He loved life and everyone in it.

He loved to spend time messing around with the TV and radio and watching old movies.

He would give you the shirt off of his back.  He had a big heart!  Loved and miss by all!

– The Family of William L. Black


Holly Brogan

Holly was known by all of her friends as “Bogy”.

She loved track, volleyball, and softball. She loved playing volleyball during the summer with our large family and many friends. Until her death, she was on a softball team every summer.

The heart and the date on her square of 10- 23-90 is the birth of her daughter and the love she had for her for the 9 months she was with her.

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