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Joy, laughter and love – a sister story

Joy, laughter, love. These are words that come to mind when I think of Louisa and Eleanor. They not only showed these things in their lives, they brought them out in others.

Louisa was our first born and she brought so much joy to our lives. Louisa grew to love playing sports, especially soccer. In fall of 2016 she only had the chance to play one soccer game with her team. During the game she scored a goal. After the game was over she ran up to me and said, “Mommy! Did you see? I scored a goal!” She was so excited. Louisa loved singing and art. She loved being in the children’s choir at our church. She loved wearing sporty clothes and her Converse shoes. She wanted to go live in the jungle one day and be a veterinarian.


About three weeks after Louisa turned two, we had Eleanor. She loved arts and crafts. She loved pretending and had the most glorious imagination. She could turn a pile of boxes into a doll wonderland. She loved looking pretty. She could look at the closet full of hand me down clothes and pick out the most wonderful outfits. She told us that she wanted to live with us forever and take care of us when we were old. She wanted to grow up to be a mommy and stay home with her babies. Summer of 2016 Eleanor fell in love with cheerleading and found her spot.

The girls loved each other. Louisa wanted so much to help with Eleanor. Eleanor only wanted to be with Louisa. That is how they always were. Along the way we added Walter and Beatrice. Louisa and Eleanor loved them both dearly. They were devoted big sisters. They taught Walt how to play, pretend, skip, color, whistle – all the things a little boy needs to know. He adored them. Beatrice was 15 months old when they died. In her short life, the girls gave her so much love.



In September of 2016, Louisa’s and Eleanor’s lives were both cut short as the result of a car accident. As heartbroken as my husband and I were, we immediately asked about organ donation – we knew that the girls would have wanted to help others. We had never discussed organ donation, but knew it was the right thing to do.

Louisa and Eleanor were so giving in their lives, I know that they would be honored that they were able to give the Gift of Life in their deaths. Louisa was able to donate her corneas, both kidneys and her pancreas, while Eleanor was able to donate her corneas and both kidneys. Together the girls were able to save four lives and give the gift of sight to four others! For young girls (9 and 7 respectively), they did so much in their short time on earth.

Girls and Walt

The girls and Walt

Louisa and Eleanor loved God. They sought after Him and I know He was working in their lives. Now they are with Him in Heaven.

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