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Dash Fitzsimons: The Beagle who’s a Hero on Foot

My life was saved on July 9, 2011 when my mom, Carol Fitzsimons (pictured above), adopted me from the Knox County Animal Shelter. I was just seven years old and, believe it or not, my mom had just completed her seventh “Dash for Donation 5K” to celebrate her kidney transplant when she stopped in to look for a new puppy.

Beagle Dash Fitzsimons was rescued when his mom and kidney recipient, Carol, rescued him from the shelter after she ran in the Dash for Donation

Beagle Dash Fitzsimons was rescued from the shelter when his mom and kidney recipient, Carol, finished running in the Dash for Donation

You can only imagine her look of surprise when she passed a darling little beagle (me!) in cage labeled with the name, DASH! Since Carol aka “Miss Fishie” adopted me, I have been living a happy, healthy life in Apple Valley. My mommy and I are both survivors and really enjoy living life to its fullest.

Diagnosed with kidney failure at age 17, Carol’s life was saved on October 6, 2000 when her friend, Janet Patrick, donated a kidney to save her life. A teacher, my mom works in an integrated preschool program and competes as a swimmer in the National and World Transplant Games.

Although my mom prefers swimming over running, she is excited to dash for donation at this year’s 5K race and family fun walk on July 13 in downtown Columbus. Carol believes the Dash is a special way to exhibit her zest for life, to share how the gift of organ donation kept her alive, meet new transplant friends and donor families and reunite with transplant family friends from all over Ohio and beyond.

This year, Carol will be volunteering at the race and walking with me and some of our closest friends on

team “Fish out of Water.”My mom is grateful for her second chance at life and would like to thank everyone who has been an integral part of her transplant journey.

Sign up for the Dash today by clicking here and join us for a few hours that are guaranteed to encourage you and change your life!

Dash Fitzsimons

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