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The Heroes Forever Quilt

These heroes will live forever in the hearts of so many.  Read about them here.


George Bush

My husband George Bush was a devoted husband and father.

He loved going to the fairs and watching Demolition Derby. A man who loved working around the house and on his cars. He also enjoyed deer hunting with his son and brother-in-laws. A husband and father who is sadly missed.



Rita E. Rox

August 13, 1946 – September 20, 1999

Memories, wonderful memories of my identical twin sister, born August 13, 1946. Rita vowed at the age of eight that she would be a nurse. She was a most accomplished highly skilled professional in the field of nursing, having obtained certification in medical surgical nursing and as a diabetic educator.

Although she never married, or had any children, she is survived by a twin sister, brother, three nieces, a brother-in-law, and many many friends.

She mentored several children and young adults, always being there with a helping hand for friends and family. Even with all the help she gave, her life was filled with fun activities – swimming, boating, camping, water-skiing, motorcycling, and travel.

Former co-workers, patients, friends, family, and acquaintances all benefited from Rita’s touch. Her gift, her miracle was the love and caring she gave unconditionally to everyone. With love, Rita always did her giving her way, never walking in anyone’s shadow. What dignity.

You are the wind beneath my wings. My Hero.

Your lifetime of giving has made a difference in many lives!


Jeremy Michael Streck

Jeremy Streck’s quilt square was made by his friend Carey Hendall. She chose the Mariner’s Compass as a comparison to Jeremy’s life.

The sailors counted on the compass to guide them through uncharted waters- as Jeremy counted on God to guide him through life and to be with him in death.

The vibrant colors in the compass signify the friendship, loyalty, love, and the goodness that Jeremy shared with all that knew him.

In the corners of the square are embroidered his favorite Bible verse; his birth date and date that God called him home; his college that he found near and dear friends at and his dedication to football; and his mother Marcia’s eternal love.


Ralph A. Miller

Ralph was a great fisherman the last five years when he retired. From April to October, he fished on Lake Erie, out of Turtle Creek. He fished in the area around West Sister Island. He caught a lot of walleye and perch as well as trophy fish.

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