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On Angels’ Wings Quilt

Special are those who are angels to so many they’ve touched. Read about them here.


Kelly Renee Jeffrey

Our square is about our daughter Kelly Renee Jeffrey from Ohio, she was twenty months old when she died from Bacterial Meningitis on December 26, 1988.

The idea for our square came from our other daughter Kristy who is fifteen now, she was only five when Kelly died and does have good memories of her sister, which we are so thankful for.

Kristy and I were in a store when she saw the Precious Moments that we used on Kelly’s square. We thought that the fact of the little girl sitting on the cloud so happy was so appropriate, since we think of Kelly being in such a better and happier place now. Also, the fact of using a Precious Moments symbol since we feel that the short time we all had with Kelly was indeed precious moments we will never forget.

– The Family of Kelly Renee Jeffrey – Doug, Michelle, and Kristy


Jerad Frew

It means a great deal to us that our son, Jerad is never forgotten.

He was only 12-years-old when he was killed. We were and still are very proud of Jerad. He was a tremendous athlete and excelled in baseball. He loved it! His dream was to someday play baseball in the major leagues. He was a very good catcher and just recently started pitching for his team. He was once again picked to be on the Dresden all-star team this year, but he didn’t get the chance to play.

My quilt square reflects his love of sports and our love for him. Even though Jerad didn’t get the chance to play on the all-stars this year, he will always be our all-star and will shine in our hearts and minds forever. We love him and miss him more everyday!

Thanks for giving us the chance to visibly express our love for Jerad and the gift of life he shared with many people.


Robert Fletcher

I appreciated LOOP asking us to make a patch for a spot on the quilt. It has been 7-years ago since my loved one died. (He was my husband.) We were together for 8 years. In that time period we grew very much in love, close and each others best friend. We talked about everything you could cover in life. Needless to say two things we talked about was information I used later. Funny how things happened, just days before he died we talked about me being a donor and how he felt? After giving him my views of why I was a donor he decided to become one, but didn’t get the chance to make it ‘public’ on your driver’s license. But at least I knew, so when they asked me at the hospital if he wanted to donate any parts I could say proudly Yes! It gave me self help to know his death wasn’t in vain.

Second topic we talked about, was me going on with my life if something happened to him. How little I knew this conversation would ease my mind and my heart when I had to without him. For you see that’s why when I received the letter to do the quilt I was so happy to honor him. My life has went on. At first, I didn’t think I could, but I have through him making me strong and letting me know ahead of time how he felt. I’m now remarried to a very wonderful man with 2 boys of our own. So it seems time flies, there’s days, months, etc. I don’t think of him until maybe a holiday comes around. But when I received LOOPs letter it made me recall 7 years ago and all the past happy memories. Thanks!


Daniel Hess

The corvette on the quilt square represents my husbands car. He had a 1979 dark blue corvette that he loved to drive and take care of. He had always wanted one and just bought it 4 years ago.

My husband was a very special man, he never met a stranger – he liked to talk to everyone.

He loved life and lived each day to the fullest.

I love him dearly and he will always be with me everyday and will live through me in my heart.

– Karen Hess


Brandon Horstman

Our son’s name is Brandon.  He was a student in Ohio.  He loved NASCAR (Dale Earnhardt), Soccer, and Hockey.

He is survived by his Loving Mother, Father, and 2 Sisters.

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