Telling the story of donation

The atrium in the Lifeline of Ohio office features an ever-changing memorial installation featuring 48 shadowboxes. Nearly two-thirds of the framed tributes highlight individual stories of donors through photos, letters and/or mementos selected by donor families. Each inset box memorializes a donor while outset boxes feature photos of transplant recipients.

The boxes serve as both a memorial and a celebration of the ripple started by each gift given through donation. View our digital shadowboxes below to see a complete gallery of all who have been featured over the years.

If you are interested in working with us to create a shadowbox please complete the form below to receive more information.

Deyett Robertson Columbus, OH. Deyett received a life-saving kidney transplant on September 6, 2016. Because of her transplant, she is able to spend valuable time with her family and friends. Deyett tells everyone she know how her donor has completely changed her life and how she is forever grateful for this second chance.
Marshall Cheatham Columbus, OH. Marshall received a life-saving kidney transplant on August 17, 2018. After nearly five years of waiting for his transplant, Marshall received the call on August 16, 2018. While Marshall does not know who his donor was, he said this, “I would like them to know that this kidney will never be taken for granted. It will always be appreciated. And the gift will be used for good.”
Tyler Cummins Columbus, OH.  Tyler received a life-saving heart transplant on February 25, 2019. Tyler waited for just four hours for a heart transplant after being listed at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center. Of his gift he said this, “I am able to continue to live my life thanks to donation. What more could anyone ask for?”
Tracy Linebarger Columbus, OH. Tracy received a life-saving lung transplant on January 18, 2017.
Terry Tucker New Albany, OH. Terry received a life-saving kidney and liver transplant on May 9, 2017. Terry is very grateful to his donor for his gift of life. As he says, “I'm alive, off dialysis, and have normal liver function for the first time in 30 years!”
Ryan Zinn Columbus, OH. Ryan received a life-saving heart transplant on September 26, 1988. Since transplant, Ryan has been able to LIVE! He was able to complete high school, college, get married and become a father because of his donor, James. Ryan is grateful for every day and prays he would be able to leave a legacy like James when his work on earth is done.

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The gallery will continually change as we share new stories. If your loved one was an organ, eye or tissue donor with Lifeline of Ohio and you are interested in creating a box to remember them, please click the button below to fill out the form, contact or call 614-384-7375.