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Tissue Team Receives Hope Award

Lifeline of Ohio has won the Hope Award for the Most Improved Partner in 2023!

This award is presented to the LifeNet Health partner who demonstrated significant improvement in quality outcomes 2023 vs. 2022, measuring 50 partners in 28 quality performance metrics. Donation volume is not a consideration for this award.

A long-time partner of Lifeline of Ohio, LifeNet Health is a musculoskeletal, skin and cardiovascular tissue processor.

Lifeline of Ohio moved up 19 spots in the Top Performer rankings and 22 spots in Quality & Excellence rankings to become the 5th highest-rated partner in Quality & Excellence in 2023.

“The tissue team has been working tirelessly to facilitate the generous gifts from our donors,” said Bridget Gipper, Lifeline of Ohio Director of Tissue and Donation Support Services. “Their hard work and commitment to excellence has led them to be recognized by our partner LifeNet Health for their recovery and culture rate performance.”

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