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Clinical Teams Launch New, Collaborative Meetings

Collaboration is a key part of Lifeline of Ohio’s core values. And several teams are coming together to help increase cross-department collaboration.

On March 6, the first Bi-Monthly Clinical Teams Meeting took place. The aim of these meetings is to bring together clinical teams in-person and virtually to improve collaboration and ultimately to better serve our external partners, patients and families.

The teams involved include: Hospital Development (HD), Organ Recovery Coordinators (ORC), Family Service Coordinators (FSC), Surgical Recovery Coordinators (SRC), Clinical Responders (CR), Triage Coordinators (TC) and Administrators on Call (AOC).

Lifeline of Ohio’s Donation Program Coordination Manager Travis Webb said, “These meetings are really an important step in improving the overall experience for our partners and families. And it allows our teams to better understand how each of our roles fills a specific purpose in reaching our organizational goals.”

Each clinical team will take a turn hosting the meetings. The most recent meeting was hosted by HD.

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