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Congratulations to our Award-winning PR Team!

When a project you’re passionate about receives recognition, that’s great! But when that same project also makes a difference in people’s lives…that’s the best!

Two projects, led by the PR Engagement Team, recently received awards from Donate Life America for their impactfulness and innovation in the donation space.

The award applications are peer reviewed with several criteria considered, including but not limited to, use of the Donate Life brand, accomplishment of goals, return on investment and creativity.

Volunteer Coordinator Molly Craig’s 2021 Ambassador Appreciation event, “A Movie Under the Stars,” won the Ambassador Pinnacle Award. The event centered around an evening at a drive-in, where 118 Ambassadors gathered safely in their cars, due to the ongoing pandemic, and watched a double feature of E.T. and Jumanji. Snacks were provided and Molly thanked the Ambassadors with a fun video to start the show.

“The most touching moment of the event was the end of the video, which called for everyone to turn on their headlights to honor the Ambassadors we had lost the previous year,” said Molly. “Seeing all of those lights through the darkness was truly heartwarming.”

It’s not Molly’s first time winning this particular award. She also won it in 2020 for the creative Ambassador Appreciation Red “Car”pet event.

“I feel lucky every day that I get to work with our Ambassadors, who are central to the work we do. In fact, our entire Lifeline of Ohio team goes out of their way to show just how much they value our Ambassadors, and I think this award is just an exemplification of that,” said Molly.

Also honored in the Donor Family Engagement Category was the Bereavement Team’s “Love and Light” holiday care package project in December of 2021.

The theme was chosen in order to emphasize the love that donor families have for their loved ones and the light that donors continue to shine through their legacies of organ, eye and tissue donation.

“Over the past two years, our team worked diligently to engage not only our established donor families who have been accustomed to in-person holiday gatherings, but also the newer donor families who came into our program during the pandemic,” said Bereavement Coordinator Alex Frederick.

Each care package item was carefully considered with the intent of giving Donor Families a way to feel remembered during a time when it was so difficult to connect during the pandemic.

Bereavement Coordinator Stephanie Covitz added, “We’re always looking for new ways to reach, support and engage all of our families, no matter where they are in their grief journey. Our team worked really hard on this initiative and winning this award validates our efforts.”

Congratulations to all our Lifeline of Ohio award winners!

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