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Lifeline of Ohio Placenta Donation Program Celebrates 1,000 Donations Milestone

Lifeline of Ohio is proud to celebrate the milestone of 1,000 placentas donated through its Placenta Donation Program, which began in 2019 with one hospital participating. The program has now grown to include 20 partnering hospitals and approximately 90 OB/GYN offices throughout Central and Southeast Ohio and northern West Virginia.

“This milestone celebration is a reflection of our partners’ advocacy for donation,” said Jennifer Smith, Lifeline of Ohio COO. “We have a wonderfully diverse group of hospitals and OB/GYN offices that we partner with who are committed to providing hope and healing to those who need it.”

Each donated placenta can create approximately 25 healing grafts. With these 1,000 placenta donations, approximately 25,000 healing grafts have been created that bring hope, healing and improved quality of life to many patients with medical needs.

Healing grafts made from a placenta donation are used for a wide range of procedures involving eye, oral and spine surgery, and for the treatment of difficult-to-heal wounds such as diabetic foot ulcers, venous leg ulcers, pressure ulcers and burns.

“I wanted to help others, through my placenta donation,” said Juli Kunselman, a placenta donor mom. “It’s the easiest thing you can do and seemed like the obvious choice. It was also special to know that, from the moment my son was born, he was already making a difference in the world.”

Lifeline of Ohio’s Placenta Donation program: allows expectant mothers with scheduled C-section deliveries to donate the placenta, umbilical cord and amniotic membrane; is not related to cord blood donation; and does not present a risk to mother or baby. There is no cost associated with the donation.

“It’s wonderful to be able to celebrate this milestone, which is a testament to the generosity of our placenta donors,” said Erin Pidgeon, Supervisor of Placenta Donation at Lifeline of Ohio. “I’m so proud of the great impact this program has had and look forward to seeing it continue to grow.”

To learn more about Lifeline of Ohio’s Placenta Donation program, visit:


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