Cynthia shares her Rooted in Life story

Rooted in Life Podcast

Listen as Lori and Shalunda, along with their Greek brother, discuss organ donation. They address the misconceptions in the Black community surrounding the topic – it’s a must-listen!


Having kidney failure impacts many aspects of a person’s life, including the need to endure dialysis several times each week. Jacqueline’s best friend’s husband experienced these challenges.

Thankfully, five years ago, he got THE CALL he’d been waiting for and received his lifesaving gift from a heroic donor. Today, he enjoys a healthy life, thanks to a generous donor hero.


Although Tara doesn’t have a direct connection to organ donation, she is a registered donor. Her interest in helping others in this way started in high school when she learned that you could help save the lives of others by donating your organs, corneas and tissue.

Her family has experienced a variety of health issues and Tara wants to raise awareness amongst the African American community and lower the stigma around organ donation. She believes that more people should know about organ donation because they never know how organ donation could affect them or someone they love.

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