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What Would Matt Brady Do? A Tribute to a Donation Hero

My son, Matthew Hesson Brady, lived to enjoy life to the fullest. He never took himself too seriously and had a gift for always making strangers and friends alike feel at ease.

Matt Brady became an organ donor in 2012.

Matt Brady became an organ donor in 2012.

Matt’s special gifts grew to be even more extraordinary when he became an organ donor.

Matt and his girlfriend Kenzie were involved in a severe car accident on March 17, 2012 and they did not survive their injuries. When the Lifeline of Ohio coordinator told Matt’s father and me that he was a registered organ, eye and tissue donor, we weren’t surprised because Matt was always thinking of others.

Matt became an organ donor the following day, March 18, at just 24 years old.

This year’s Dash for Donation is Saturday, July 13. It would have been Matt’s 26th birthday, and I am privileged to honor his legacy and make a lasting impression by creating “Team Brady.” We will be sporting t-shirts and bracelets that ask the question, “What Would Matt Brady Do?” and answer with, “Donate Life!”In celebration of Matt’s 26th birthday, WWMBD inspired the following answers when Matt’s best friends found themselves asking what he would do on a daily basis.

Matt, his sister Cassie and I.

Matt, his sister Cassie and I.

Matt’s 26 daily qualities:

  1. Be smiling & laughing with a sparkle in his eye
  2. Be happy, upbeat & enjoying life
  3. Be kind hearted
  4. Not be judgmental
  5. See the best in people
  6. Protect his sister
  7. Be friendly and make people feel welcomed
  8. Hug you!
  9. Say I love you
  10. Never want to be the center of attention (but would end up there)
  11. Be easy going & not take life to seriously
  12. Listen to music such as Incubus, John Butler Trio, Mumford & Sons, classic  60’s , The Doors or Jimi Hendrix

    Matt registered his decision to donate before the accident that took the life of him and girlfriend Kenzie.

    Matt registered his decision to donate before the accident that took the life of him and girlfriend Kenzie.

  13. Look for an adventure, willing to meet a challenge
  14. Do something a little crazy, willing to take risks
  15. Play with young kids, they loved him
  16. Play soccer & wrestle around with friends
  17. Play cards & games; just play and have fun
  18. Hang by a campfire with friends (probably jump over it)
  19. Climb a mountain
  20. Make a funny face
  21. Be “a little” competitive
  22. Do something to make you smile and laugh
  23. Read books – some, just because he thought he should
  24. Make time for a friend, talk and listen to you

And Especially He Would

  1. Donate Life and
  2. Live Life to the fullest, creating great memories!

You have the power to save and heal lives like Matt did by registering as an organ, eye and tissue donor today.

We hope to see you help us form the “sea of green” in downtown Columbus on Saturday, July 13 as we honor other heroes like our son at the Dash for Donation!

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