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What it’s all about – Team Murph

While on the streets of Columbus mid-July, one might come across a sea of green shirts passing by. But instead of just looking at the mass of shirts, let me tell you about some of the people wearing them.

One green shirt is worn by a liver recipient- so thankful for his new liver and the ability to run in a 5K.

The next green shirt that passes is worn by father who was able to donate a kidney to his ailing son.

A small boy walks by wearing a green shirt as he holds the hand of his grandmother, remembering her husband who died waiting for a heart transplant.

A wheelchair with green balloons comes by carrying a woman and her oxygen tank – hoping next year she may walk in the dash after she receives a lung transplant.

The teenage girl who has fashioned her green shirt into a tank top runs by – so thankful for the donor of her new ACL.

And then there is a small group that call themselves Team Murph.

My husband and I walk with group of family and friends who participate in the Dash for Donation to honor our son Jason– an organ donor who saved three lives in 2003 at the age of 19.

Jason Murphy

As we make our way through the 5K course, we often wonder the connections other participants have to organ donation. Some carry signs or have t-shirts with pictures. But in the end it doesn’t matter – the thousands in the sea of green are family. We all know what it’s like to be touched by donation.

Jason lives on in our hearts and walks with us in every step we take daily. Life is not the same without him. But we know that because he said “yes” to donation, three other people were able to walk on their life path these last 12 years. Say “yes” to organ, eye and tissue donation. Help spread the word that everyone can be a hero and give the Gift of Life. Come join the sea of green at the 2015 Dash for Donation on July 11.

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