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Donor Stories

The Power to be the Donation Miracle is in our Hands

Growing up, David was a pleasant, kind and gentle child who laughed often and adored his siblings. Our David matured into a loving young man who enjoyed listening to music, spending time with his girlfriend and hoped to explore Aviation and the Air Force. We were so excited for what David’s future held.

Our son, David Phillips III, was just 15 years old when he was taken from us August 8, 2012. David was in the passenger seat of a car with a group of band students when the driver lost control of the vehicle. Unfortunately, as the band regrouped that evening to finish practice at the school, we all learned the tragic news that David hadn’t survived. In that moment, David became an organ and tissue donor and took us on a journey that changed our lives forever.

Coincidentally, just three days prior to the accident, David watched his sibling for us while we attended the Ohio State Fair. We picked up green bracelets and information for them on becoming a registered donor. Later that evening, my husband and I discussed becoming registered donors at the dinner table with the kids.  David instantly said he wanted to register as a donor to help others when he got his temporary driving permit later that month.

Unfortunately, wearing his green Donate Life bracelet, David died just 20 days shy of getting his permit. Who knew his day to donate would come so quickly? The decision to donate David’s organs and tissue was made  much easier because we had the conversation with our family about donation before the tragedy occurred. We knew we had to honor David’s decision to be a hero to others in our time of grief.

Parents David and Christine believe individuals should discuss their decision to donate with their families.

Parents David and Christina believe individuals should discuss their decision to donate with their families.

Being a registered organ, eye and tissue donor is important for us to honor David’s legacy. Many individuals die daily waiting for a transplant and we have the power to help by registering as an organ, eye and tissue  donor. Our son was that life-saving miracle for others as a donor and you can be too.

One simple act of kindness can change so many lives.

The power is in our hands. Register as an organ donor today.

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