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We Dash for: Our sweet Noah

Noah Maloney 1st day of school '10Our son Noah was the clown of our family. He was very outgoing and outspoken and he gave the best hugs – the kind that knock you off your feet. Noah had an amazing, compassionate heart. He was a giving and caring little boy.

One day while I was watching Grey’s Anatomy he climbed on my lap to cuddle and asked “Momma what are they doing?” I told him they were helping that person, to keep his heart beating. He nonchalantly said to me, “I want to do that someday.”

Someday turned into March 12, 2011 when he was in an accident while playing. It changed our family forever.

Noah Maloney 1At the precious age of six, our sweet Noah passed away. When we were given the opportunity for Noah to become a donor, my husband and I were in sync – yes. I had always been a registered donor and I know that is what Noah would have wanted. We knew that tissue donation was not just about Noah – there were many people that would be helped by his gifts. Our little boy was going on to do big things.

Noah was able to donate his corneas and tissues. His ribs were used for a car seat research project at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center. We know that through his death, lives were saved and many were restored.

This year marked the fifth year of his passing, and also the fifth year that our family and friends have honored his memory through the Dash for Donation. ‘Team Noah Man’ participants continue our healing and to help celebrate Noah’s passion for helping and giving to others.

We are incredibly grateful to the 97 people who have registered for our Dash team this year and the many others in years past. We’re looking forward to July 16th as we take the Donate Life message to the streets of downtown Columbus.  It brings so much comfort to share this day with so many who loved Noah.

In sharing Noah’s story, our family helps to spread awareness of donation, especially to parents with young children.  I would encourage everyone to consider saying “yes” to organ, eye and tissue donation and to discuss that decision with your family.

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