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Team Bababoodas

“Bababoodas! Bababoodas!”

My son Isaiah would always excitedly talk about “Bababoodas.” It was very clear that he knew exactly what he was referring to – but we did not. Thankfully, his older brother Wesley was able to translate that he was talking about “Bob the Builder.” We had a good chuckle from that!

This year, “Team Bababoodas” will celebrate the life of our silly boy who left an incredible legacy with his Gift of Life through the Dash for Donation.



Isaiah Richards

Isaiah Richards

Isaiah was just two years old when he died on June 17, 2014 from a swimming pool accident. Described as “fearless,” Isaiah made a lasting impression, and continues to touch others through the gifts he gave.

When approached with the opportunity for donation, I immediately said yes to donating his kidneys. We knew we wanted to help someone else in their time of need and what a special gift it would be for Isaiah’s spirit to live on.

We’ve been fortunate to correspond with Isaiah’s kidney recipient and we hope to meet her one day.

This year’s Dash for Donation is near the one-year anniversary of Isaiah’s accident and our family has built a team, much like Isaiah’s favorite character, that will walk in his honor on July 11. It’s nice to have an event where everyone can come together and celebrate their very own superhero.

Knowing that Isaiah lives on through his donation brings us comfort. Please say “yes” to registering as an organ, eye and tissue donor. And discuss your decision with your family. You could help build up a life in need, just as Isaiah did.

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