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Donor Stories

Precious things to Accomplish

My wife, Veldene Staller, was a very kind and religious person. She was most assuredly one of God’s faithful helpers. She was loved very much by her husband, three children and grandchildren, and her friends from church and everywhere.

She had a sudden massive brain hemorrhage and passed away seven hours later. As we ran to help her she had no control. We sat her up and we talked a short time, husband and three children. She had then lost consciousness and was taken to the hospital.

She was a donor. She had very strong feelings about this, another of her kind and Christian ways of helping others in need. At first it was a little hard to think what they might do to her, but laid in her final bed of silk and fine dress, she showed absolutely no evidence of anything being disturbed.

We received a reply from the donor organization to let us know that she had saved the eyesight of two lucky people and enhanced the lives of others. That made the entire family very proud along with all of her friends. So you see there are very precious things to accomplish after death! My entire family is proud to be donors.

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