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My Son’s Transplant Show-and-Tell of a Lifetime

I never thought my son’s first day of school would entail him proudly showing off his transplant scar and talking about his organ donor. When Hunter was just 18 months old, he wasn’t growing normally and had a hard lump near his stomach. Doctors diagnosed him with Alpha-1 Anti Trypsin Deficiency, a genetic disorder that causes the liver to fail. Over the next year, Hunter lost weight, built up fluid in his stomach and his liver began to deteriorate.

On October 17, 2002, my son was so fortunate to receive a liver transplant from a giving organ donor. Hunter, now 13, takes just one pill a day and is very healthy. He’s a normal teenager: he loves video games, baseball and hanging out with his friends. Hunter takes every opportunity to educate his classmates about the importance of being an organ, eye and tissue donor. He went to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) with his brother, Jack, when Jack was 16 to watch him get his driver’s license. Jack was proud to say ‘Yes!’ to organ donation at the BMV and Hunter can’t wait to do the same!

A donor's gift saved Hunter Music's life!

Hunter smiles because a donor’s gift saved his life in 2002.

Our lives have changed because a selfless organ donor allowed my child to have a normal, healthy life. We have exchanged letters with our donor family and learned Hunter’s donor was named Hunter Logan. My son, Hunter, is from Logan. It’s such an emotional connection and we truly honor and admire our son’s donor family for their strength and generosity. Hunter’s donor is our hero.

You too can be a hero of donation. Register to be an organ donor today. Your decision to donate might save the life of a child like mine.

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