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Recipient Stories

My Hero, Jan

I feel like the hero in this story is my Sister-In-Law, Jan. When I told her I had kidney disease and might have to go on dialysis, she instantly volunteered to give me a kidney. I was completely overwhelmed. Eventually, in June of 2000, the doctor told me I would have to begin dialysis.

Jan had to drive to Ohio many times for tests and consultations that could not be done in Michigan.

Eventually we were told that we matched and surgery was scheduled for October 2000.

One of the most dramatic results was that I had extremely high blood pressure because of the kidney disease.

After the surgery, I eventually stopped all of my medications for the high blood pressure and it remains normal.

Jan and her husband, Dave

As Jan says, we have had a few bumps in the road, but we both recovered.

I am extremely grateful to Jan and to her family. I was one of the lucky ones – I did not have to wait long for a donor. We matched in 5 of the 6 antigens and the transplant center said that some family members don’t even match that well.

I am now in good health and living a good life – thanks to Jan and her generous donation.

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