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Miracles Happen

Christopher William Fremont 6/15/80 ~ 6/13/90

This is our son and brother Christopher William Fremont. Christopher was born in Marion Ohio on June 15th, 1980, and passed away June 13th, 1990. He was nine years old.

Christopher was injured in an accidental shooting at his grandparents house. The bullet entered his leg, which scattered the bone. Five weeks and three days later during surgery, he died due to an air embolism to the heart.

He is our second child. He loved his older brother, Trevor and his younger sister, Shelby. He was usually a happy child. He loved to demonstrate this by whistling. His main love in life, (we say love, because it meant more to him than some of the other activities he enjoyed doing,) was helping his Uncle raise and show pigs. He was in his second year of 4-H, when he died.

Other things he enjoyed and loved were, working with wood, gardening, riding his bike, playing basketball, Boys Adventure Club at church, and school. He also enjoyed reading, his favorite book was Charlotte’s Web. He loved to tell people about the Lord, and he enjoyed showing people that he loved the Lord. Christopher loved to be helpful. During his recovery, he stayed at Children’s Hospital in Columbus. He was in the Children’s Telethon, he said he wanted to make a miracle happen, and through donation he did!

Missing & Loving you Always, Rick, Kathleen, Trevor, & Shelby Fremont

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