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Donor Stories

Memories Are Treasures

On September 25, 2002 my brother, Roger Lee Leugers, II, was in a really bad accident and from the injuries that he suffered it took his life on September 26, 2002. We all suffer a great loss in life at one time or another, but I have never really felt the pain that I have felt from losing my little brother.

Roger was 18 years old and even as I sit here writing this I can still hear him as a little boy being so annoying – with a big smile on his face until I made him mad and he’d start to cry. Then my mom would yell, “One of these days he’ll be bigger than you.” And how much that turned out to be true! Or the little boy that used to run around in nothing but his cowboy boots and underwear.

But as he got older things seemed to change and when he I would look at him at times I would try and still find that little boy inside of him. It’s hard to explain how fast kids grow up, but my little brother grew into a fine young man. Unfortunately, his life was cut too short.

Just as a reminder to all who love someone so dear – don’t give up on them no matter what kind of person they turn out to be, and never forget all the memories you have of them. There is a saying that says, “Memories are treasures that will never change with time.”

Keep the memories of the people you love alive and be an organ donor if at all possible. Roger was and with his one life – he saved the lives of 6 others.

I am so proud of him and love him so much

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