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Donor Stories

The Hero Who Wanted to Help Others

My husband Jason was amazing and generous. He was very family orientated, always putting us first. He was a hard-worker who worked in the coalmines to make sure our family was always provided for. He had a beautiful smile and would light up a room as soon as he entered.

Jason and I were married for almost 16 years and together had two beautiful children – a daughter and a son. He was just 38 when our lives would forever be changed.

May 22, 2012, Jason was driving with our kids in the car when a rotten tree branch fell on his car. The impact was devastating and Jason didn’t survive. It was a freak accident that no one could have seen coming.

As the events of the day unfolded, I received a call from Lifeline of Ohio expressing their deep sympathy for the loss of my husband and also informing me he was a registered organ, eye and tissue donor. I knew Jason was a donor, we had talked about it briefly at some point. It was something he signed up to do because he felt it was right. At the time of his death, I wasn’t a donor because I believed all of the myths.

Jason ended up donating tissues, corneas and ligaments to help others in need. We’ve been fortunate enough to hear from two of his recipients. The first letter we received was from a pilot who received Jason’s donated tendons and ligaments, allowing her to resume an active lifestyle and career. The second letter was from a mom of three boys. She wrote saying how grateful she was for his gifts – she could once again be the mom she wanted to be.

Our Dash for Donation poster

Knowing Jason has helped dozens and dozens through cornea and tissue donation gives me comfort. I know this is what he wanted – he loved to help others. He’s truly left a lasting impression on so many.

Since his passing, our whole family has made the decision to register. We do everything we can to bust the myths and to educate those in our town about donation. We are trying to carry on his legacy – won’t you please consider registering as an organ, eye and tissue donor today in honor of my husband?




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