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Tuesday’s Tale: Betsy’s Gift of Life

We would like to tell you about our daughter, Elizabeth. We always called her Betsy. She passed away on April 29, 2004 from a brain aneurysm. I talked to the coroner and he said that out of 100 people, 90% will have some kind of warning sign as headaches or seizures and only 10% will die. Betsy’s dad found her on the bathroom floor at 3:40pm non-responsive and he called 911. She was transported to a hospital in Marion, then Life-Flighted to Riverside Hospital. She was pronounced dead at 8:29 that evening. She had made a decision to be an organ donor a few years ago.

Betsy was only 23 when she passed away. She had graduated from OSU this past spring with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. She was working a fulltime job and recently had started a part time job working with special needs adults. She was also a Longaberger consultant.

Betsy also enjoyed animals, skiing, and swimming. She had recently gotten engaged and was planning a fall wedding for 2005. We didn’t just lose a daughter, we also lost a future son. She participated in the Swim for Diabetes the past 4 years. She walked the Columbus Marathon in 2001. She donated blood at the American Red Cross. She was always thinking of others.

Betsy was able to save four lives with her decision to become an organ donor. Three adults and one child. We’re so glad that she made this decision. It helps us to know that she is living in others. The difference she has made in so many lives is amazing. We’re so proud of our daughter! We hope that after hearing this that you will think about or become an organ donor. If you haven’t yet talked to your teenage children about being an organ donor we hope you will take the opportunity now to do so. Our personal feeling is that God kept Betsy alive long enough for her dad to find her so she could make such a big difference in so many lives.

– Don and Cindy Kuba and Family

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