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Donor Stories

A Shining Star

My sister, Robyne Starr Crandell, was born December 11, 1967 and died July 16, 1985.

Robyne was only 17 years old. She would have been a senior at Westerville South High School. She was a fun loving girl who enjoyed dancing on the Drill Team and roller skating.

Robyne was on her was home from the Westerville Arts and Crafts show when a storm blew down a large tree branch striking her in the back of the head. The doctors said that she was brain dead and did we want to donate any of her organs. My grandmother and I thought long and hard about it. Something I never thought I would have to think about at the age of 14. My grandmother and I came to the conclusion that Robyne would have wanted to help someone else live on.

Unfortunately organ transplants weren’t as advanced as they are now. Robyne’s organs “died” on the way to the operating room. This meant the only things that Robyne was able to donate were her corneas. I hope the two people who received her corneas know what a special gift my sister gave them.

Robyne was my only sibling and I miss her everyday. I hate that my children will only know their aunt through stories and pictures. It makes me sad – the thought of another family having to deal with the loss of a loved one. I can’t tell other people what to think or how to deal with their grief. All I can say is that in one small way that it makes me feel better knowing that my sister helped two other people in need. I am a firm believer in organ transplants. It was hard to retell this story of my sister but just maybe it will help another family through a tough time. To all the families who have lost someone dear to them, my heart goes out to you. Thank you to all the families who have helped others live on. While it may be hard to say goodbye to our loved one, it is much better knowing that they helped someone else and their death was not in vane.

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