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Donor Stories

A Pure and Simple Legacy

I would like to introduce you to an incredible young woman, Sarah Jane Scarborough. She is my only child and my best friend. She brought more joy to my life in 24 years than most people experience in a lifetime.

Her smile and laugh always lit up the room.  One day she would look like a princess as her daddy walked her across the football field for the homecoming court and the next day they would be out together on his boat fishing. They loved the outdoors and loved animals.

In March of 2008 our husband and father passed away, so it was just the two of us.  Sarah was a caring and giving person and told me many times that if anything ever happened to her, she wanted to be an organ donor and it was on her driver’s license.

Sarah wanted to get married and have children – to give life. A brief illness ended her life on Earth.  Little did she know that she would “give life” in a different way on ChrisJanie listens to Sarah's heart beat in her recipient, Danatmas Eve 2008 by donating her heart to a young woman who had been on a heart pump for three years.  Sarah’s corneas, tissue, bone and skin were also able to improve the lives of many people.

I have met Sarah’s heart recipient and we have become family – she even calls me Momma Janie. Sarah’s legacy is pure and simple – tell your family and friends every day that you love them, adopt homeless animals and be an organ donor.


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