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Recipient Stories

A New Perspective

I am taking all my organs with me when I die.

That’s what I once thought, but I have a whole new perspective now.

5 years ago, I found myself on the other side of organ donation… now I was the one that needed a transplant. Every day I thank God that my donor and her family didn’t think the same way that I used to and now I try very hard to educate those around me so that everyone will know of the amazing difference organ donation can make.

Since my successful heart transplant, I have been able to enjoy many wonderful experiences. I have seen my oldest daughter get married, a great-granddaughter born, and I have even met my donor’s family. My donor, Kimberly Lee, is one of my heroes. She is the one who gave me a second chance at life. And Life is Great!

Editor’s Note: Pictured above is a photo of Mary Foy with her Donor Family

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