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Angels on Earth

I have a 28-year-old aunt in Ohio who had a childhood illness that caused her heart to age much quicker than it should. They did not realize the damage that the illness had caused until later in her life. Right now her heart is like that of a 90-year-old woman.

She has to remain in the hospital so that the doctors can regulate her medications until she can get a new heart. It is difficult for her to wish that she would get a heart soon because that would mean she is hoping someone compatible will die soon. She does not wish death on anyone.

Thousands of people die every day of one cause or another. And because they choose to take their perfectly working organs to the grave with them hundreds of more people like my aunt will die as a result. It is a tragedy indeed. Those who donate their organs are angels on earth, just ask anyone whose life has been saved or changed due to the kindness and unselfishness of one of these angels.

To choose to be or not to be an organ donor is a very personal decision. If this article aids in adding one more organ donor to the list of those angels who, even in their death, save lives, I would have accomplished my goal.

This is my challenge to all of those who choose not to be an organ donor. Just imagine if you will that you or a loved one is in a situation like my aunt’s. What if it were you or your loved one who was waiting for a compatible major organ to come available all while counting your days alive in this world? Would you not wish for an angel to save you?

Be an angel, be an organ donor.

Written with hope by Alicia Shavers, Columbus Georgia in honor of her aunt, Bobbi Guinther.

Bobbi Jo Guinther received her heart transplant on December 24, 2002 after waiting in the hospital for 8 months.

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