Jabbar shares his Rooted in Life story

Rooted in Life Podcast

Listen as Ulysses shares his journey to transplant. He’s now celebrated almost 20 extra years of life thanks to his donor.


James has been a registered donor from the first time he obtained his driver’s license as a teenager. He signed up feeling that he wanted to provide the gift of life to others after his passing. James and his family know first-hand the impact of donation since his mother and aunt both have received kidney transplants.

James recognizes the huge need for donation awareness within the Black community and has a number of fraternity brothers and sisters who support organ donation. He is committed to being a donor and wants to spread awareness through his community.


When Brandon’s mother, Juanita, had a kidney transplant thirteen years ago, he was the primary decision-maker before and after her surgery. Because of this, he was able to learn the details of the organ donation process.

Mother and son are both grateful for the support they received from Lifeline of Ohio during their journey and have attended a number of events hosted by the organization. Brandon said, “If it wasn’t for Lifeline of Ohio, I don’t think she my mother would still be here with us now.”

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