A Brooklyn, New York native, Mike Nicholson now calls Central Ohio home. After working in graphic design and marketing for several years, he knew he was being called to something new in the fitness industry, which is where he currently finds himself living his passion and helping others.

Why are you passionate about fitness and wellness? I love to help people. I wanted to do something where I could impact many people’s lives by doing something I love. I have seen the effects of neglect of one’s health and fitness, and this was the best way in which I could better serve and help others.

What are the key elements all people should know about wellness?  I would start with the idea of longevity. Many of us do not think about the quality of life and how the things we do or do not do can affect us later. There are things we can do now that will allow us to grow old gracefully. Wellness of the mind and body is essential, and it is easy to do. When people tell me how hard it is to get and stay in shape, I always ask them to start with an activity that they enjoy, which allows them to move their whole body; it can be cleaning, tennis, dancing, walking around the mall, etc. Do that thing regularly, and the rest of maintaining your wellness typically falls into place.

What is a small thing someone can do in the new year to contribute to their excellent health and well-being? A small thing that someone can do is pay attention to their diet. Now, I didn’t say get on a diet, but observe what you’re putting into your body; do some research on whether it’s good or bad, and see with your own eyes the effects. Typically, when people work to understand how their body is benefiting or suffering from their choices, this is the thing that initiates change.

Mike’s HipHop Fitness events have brought joy and wellness to many in the Central Ohio area. Visit his website and social media to learn more about him and his passion for helping others.