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Meet Nicole – Lifeline of Ohio’s Placenta Logistics Coordinator!

After working 2 years on Lifeline of Ohio’s Donation Support Services team, Nicole officially joined the Placenta Donation Program team in November 2023. Her role as the Placenta Logistics Coordinator was created out of the desire to give one-on-one attention to placenta donors and help support our hospital and OBGYN partners.

Currently, 25 hospitals participate in the Placenta Donation Program, and she organizes placenta acquisition for all of them.

Nicole is the point of contact for patients and the subject-matter expert regarding the placenta donation process. She calls all referred patients and shares in-depth information about the program with them. She also lets them know how their generous gift will be used, should they decide to donate, and answers any questions they may have.

“It’s very important that referred patients understand the process so they can make an informed decision,” says Nicole.

Once a person decides to donate, Nicole completes the required forms on a recorded phone call and answers all follow-up questions. She says, “We always want donor moms to be prepared for their special day and honor their choice to donate their placenta.”

Generous donors often provide survey feedback, sharing a 5-star review of their experience with Nicole and the donation process!

One of the most important parts of her job is building relationships with hospital staff, OBGYN partners and generous placenta donors.

“Talking with all these moms brings me so much sunshine!” says Nicole. “They’re actually helping me prepare for my motherhood journey (and placenta donation, if eligible), and they don’t even realize it.”

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