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Events Recap – 2023 BLACK: Past.Present.Future

In honor of Black History Month, Lifeline of Ohio employees once again participated in BLACK: Past. Present. Future. with two new opportunities to connect and engage with the Black community.

On February 22, employees joined a virtual Q&A during the lunch hour, featuring Dr. Keith Troy, Pastor of New Salem Baptist Church—a longstanding partner and community advocate.

Dr. Troy discussed the importance of individuals and organizations, like Lifeline of Ohio, in sharing their gifts with others.

“I operate on a premise of making today count,” he said. “Do what you can do. Use your gifts. People will be blessed, and Lifeline of Ohio will fulfill its purpose.”

Dr. Troy highlighted the church’s impact within the Black community and how it “put feet on prayers” by refocusing its outreach efforts on neighborhood residents—providing free, weekly dinners and a community food program. Several Lifeline of Ohio staff members had the opportunity to serve the Linden Community through this program later that evening.

“It was great serving alongside my colleagues and fulfilling a need in the community. It’s definitely something I’d enjoy doing again,” said Lifeline of Ohio Event Planner Terra Calloway.

Chief Communications Officer Sharon Cindrich added, “A big thank you to Brenda Troy at New Salem for hosting us, Demia Kandi for making this connection and the Lifeline of Ohio staff who turned up today, and every day, to serve others.”

In addition to New Salem Baptist Church, the virtual event recognized several additional community partners including:

“In order for us to effectively reach multiple facets of the Black community, we work closely with our community partners,” said Executive Diversity Consultant Demia Kandi. “Their advocacy for donation broadens our reach and strengthens our impact. BLACK: Past.Present.Future. is a great way for Lifeline of Ohio to honor their work and legacy in our community during Black History Month.”

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