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Hospital Partners Unite at Lifeline of Ohio’s 2022 Dash for Donation

Many local and regional hospital teams hit the road to attend this year’s Dash for Donation to honor donors, celebrate recipients, provide hope for patients waiting for their lifesaving gifts and advocate for organ, eye and tissue donation.


Team Name Team Members
4 Blue Rona Runners 2
ICU Code Runners 10
Misfits 5
Nationwide Children’s Heart Transplant Team 12
Nationwide Childrens Lung Transplant Team 7
NCH Kidney Krusaders 6
OSU Pathology 2
OSU Team Transplant 20
Rhodes to Success 11
Team GHS: Gift, Heal & Save! 6
Team LMH 9
The Honey Badgers 5


Check out what some of the participants from The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center had to say:

 Heidi Erb, Senior Outreach Coordinator, Transplant

“Participating in the Dash for Donation is an opportunity to recognize the organ donors (and their families) for their gifts of life to organ recipients. It’s also a way to support the mission of Lifeline of Ohio. Seeing the families and friends of organ donors, and those who are waiting on a donation, gather to celebrate their loved ones makes me proud to be part of the OSUWMC team saving lives through organ donation.”

Molly Epler, Lead Anatomic Pathology Technologist

“The Surgical Pathology team at OSU gets the unique experience by giving a diagnosis to give the go-ahead for organ transplantation. Each positive diagnosis means a new lease on life. Organ donation saves lives and we are happy to play a role in that!”

Morgan Mersy, Therapeutic Recreational Therapist, Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility, Dodd Hall, and liver recipient

“The Dash for Donation is awesome! Seeing all of the recipients participating shows that donation works, and it’s amazing to see the support for organ donor families and friends. I also love that the Dash gets the word out about the need for and importance of organ donation; it helps start this important conversation.”


The Dash for Donation was filled with incredible stories from our hospital teams, as well as our donor and recipient families.

We were privileged to capture video at this year’s Dash of the very special moment when KeShaunta Scott heard her son’s heart beat for the first time since he became a donor at the age of 17.

JaShawn, who was a high school junior and a valued member of the Varsity football team, saved five lives through organ donation, gave sight to two through cornea donation and healed countless others through tissue donation. JaShawn’s heart was given to recipient Ryan Magill, whose own heart had been damaged by Muscular Dystrophy.

Lifeline of Ohio posted the video to its social media channels of KeShaunta listening to JaShawn’s heart, never knowing how far the post’s impact would be carried. Locally in Columbus, 10TV and NBC4 picked up the story, then nationally ABC World News Tonight aired the story.

One organ donor can help save up to 8 lives while 1 tissue donor can impact up to 75 lives. Please consider registering to be a donor today and join Lifeline of Ohio and other hospital partners at the 2023 Dash for Donation to promote this incredible mission and help the 107,000 people on the national waitlist.

“To me, the Dash means hope,” said Juli Kunselman, Lifeline of Ohio’s Manager of Community Engagement. “Seeing thousands of individuals gather to celebrate the gift of life is a beautiful thing and it provides hope to the thousands waiting on a second chance at life. It’s always such a joyful day to gather!”

Enjoy our Dash for Donation highlight video!

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