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Tyler’s Story

Tyler’s family knew his whole life that he would eventually need the lifesaving gift of a new liver. As his mom Holly put it, “It wasn’t if — it was when.”

When Tyler was two months old, he was diagnosed with Alagille syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that can affect multiple organ systems in the body. This disorder can affect the liver, heart, skeleton, eyes and kidneys – Alagille syndrome caused Tyler’s liver to be severely damaged.

His condition continued to worsen over the years. At the time he was added to the national transplant waiting list, his eyes and skin had become yellow, and he was experiencing extremely low energy levels. After waiting for 15 months, Tyler’s family got the call! On March 12, 2020 he received a new liver from a heroic donor.

Tyler is now a seventh grader and thriving! His family immediately noticed the miraculous physical changes that followed his transplant. The whites of his eyes are visible again and he has more energy to play and ride his bike. He looks and feels like a different kid, thanks to a hero of donation.

Tyler and his family are forever grateful for his donor, who provided him with this lifesaving gift.

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