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Tracy’s Story

By Tracy Linebarger, a grateful lung recipient 

Fourteen years ago, I was headed into work as a nurse for my seventh straight night shift. I only made it as far as the hospital entrance – my chest hurt and I couldn’t catch my breath.

Then…I hit the floor.

In the ER, I nervously waited on my results and knew something was REALLY wrong. Doctors explained my heart was enlarged and the sac surrounding it was so filled with fluid that it developed a second sac. All other treatments would not work.

I would need a lung transplant to live.

During my time of the national transplant waiting list I had an oxygen tank with me at all times. My condition affected my entire life including my family, my work and the limited ability to do the things I’d always taken for granted. I prayed for a call from my doctor letting me know it was time to get my transplant.

Then, on January 18, 2017, I got that call!

Since my transplant I have been so grateful to my donor for my second chance. Recovery hasn’t been easy but I am determined to live life to the fullest and celebrate my hero for my lifesaving gift.

I have a new view and lease on life! I have no more major limitations from my illnesses – I can walk freely and LIVE! Donation is a chance not only to be a hero but to better a total stranger’s life.


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