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Target Donation for Donor Families Hits a Bull’s-eye

When our bereavement services department realized they might not be able to financially support a beloved donor family resource, they went into high-gear to find a solution.

That’s when the Target store on Olentangy River Road hit a bull’s-eye with their generous plan to help.

Samanthe Wiethe, the executive team leader of store 1058, heard about the Donor Family Comfort Kit program that gives families experiencing a tragedy in the hospital toiletries and other supplies to provide a sense of comfort and control. Each Target store has a small budget to assist the community in different capacities, and Samantha thought providing this resource local organ donor families was a positive way to affect Ohioans.

“Target takes great pride in being an active member of the community in which they serve,” Samantha said. “We decided to donate to Lifeline of Ohio to establish a relationship with a non-profit organization that serves the same community and makes a difference in people’s lives.”

The donation provided supplies for 100 necessity kits for the comfort bags, and totaled more than $1,200. The supplies given included toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouthwash, tissues, hair brushes, wet wipes, fragrant lotion, eye drops, bottled water, tea bags, crayons, note pads and plastic snack bags. Target employees assembled the bags in-store as a volunteer event for the company.

Target team members put the bags together!

Target team members put the bags together!

Julie Armsey, bereavement services coordinator at Lifeline of Ohio, said the organization is honored and appreciative to have this opportunity to collaborate with Target.

“Target’s contribution in helping fund our Donor Family Comfort Kits supports not only our donor families during their time of tragedy, but enables us to provide other services to our donor families during their grief journey,” Julie said. “We are truly grateful to have a corporation like Target locally whose focus is on the community they serve.”

Learn more about our Donor Family Comfort Kits here.


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