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Welcome, Tiffany!

Hi! I’m Tiffany Eifert, the new communications intern at Lifeline of Ohio. I’m currently a senior at Otterbein University and will finally receive a long awaited B.A. in Health Communication in May 2014.

Originally from Groveport, Ohio, I began my studies at Otterbein in August 2012 after working towards a nursing degree for three years. My desire to make a difference in the lives of others led me to the nursing field, but eventually, I realized I would rather be advocating for and communicating with others about healthcare rather than working with patients as a nurse. I was advised to look into the health communication major and realized it was the perfect fit.

I feel very privileged to work with the communications team in encouraging others to give the gift of life. Growing up, my grandparents instilled the importance of organ donation into my mind so yes was a natural response when I was asked at the BMV if I wanted to become a registered organ, eye, and tissue donor. The question didn’t cross my mind again until this past May when my step brother, Eric, passed away. Eric’s health had been declining for three years due to a failing liver. Unfortunately, some of my family, including Eric, was misinformed about donation. He believed that because his liver was failing, causing some of his other organs to also fail, he was ineligible to be an organ donor. Not knowing what I do today, I was unable to educate him on some of the common myths that prevented him from giving the gift of life, or improving the lives of others in his death. Eric was a

Tiffany's stepbrother Eric

Tiffany’s stepbrother Eric

very caring person. He always looked out for people and would do anything to help those he encountered. I know that if he had known he could be eligible for donation, he would have said yes in an instant. When he passed away, I decided I wanted to be able to help educate others and spread the Donate Life message, even though I was unable to with Eric, before it was too late. I wanted to learn more about organ, eye, and tissue donation.

At Lifeline of Ohio, I will do just that: learn more about donation through working with the communications team on projects like National Donor Sabbath, the website and blog. I’ve said yes to organ donation; have you? I’d love to hear your story and how organ donation has impacted your life. You can reach me at I look forward to getting to know you!

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