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Volunteers Take a Seat for Life on NBC4

Recipients, donor family members, and community leaders are joining together from across central and southeast Ohio in an effort to not let another chair go empty as they ‘Take a Seat for Life’ in the green chair Thursday, April 18, 2013 on

Volunteers will Take a Seat for Life on NBC4 so another chair won’t go empty.

This day-long sit-in is designed to encourage people to register as an organ, eye and tissue donor in the Ohio Donor Registry, and celebrate Donate Life Month.

The online webcast will feature volunteers taking a seat every 15 minutes from 6:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. to share their connection to donation and transplantation.  In addition, during the live evening news broadcasts from 5-6:30 p.m., NBC4 will elevate the cause with taped stories of recipient gratitude and organ donors’ acts of sacrifice. The day will end at 7 p.m. with the Wexner Medical Center’s transplant show special, “Your Gift, Their Hope,” and a Call 4 panel, staffed by donation and transplantation professionals from 5-7:30 p.m.


This year, a live chat function has been added under the webcast video online allowing viewers to connect with and ask questions of those sitting in the green chair in real time. Be sure to show support for your green chair hero!

A schedule of those individuals who will be seated in the chair is below.

Be sure to tune in to the webcast by clicking here  and check back every 15 minutes to hear a new donation story. You can also follow along throughout the day on Lifeline of Ohio’s Facebook page.


Time: Volunteer Taking a Seat for Life in the Green Chair:
6:00 AM Kent Holloway, Lifeline of Ohio CEO
6:15 AM Anne Harnish, Ohio Department of Health
6:30 AM Jamie Bryan, Assistant BMV Registrar
6:45 AM Erin, Dave and Maura Dobbins, Donor Family
7:00 AM Jim Pepper and Erica Butt, Lung Recipient and Daughter
7:15 AM Christina & David Phillips, Donor Parents
7:30 AM Senator Charleta Tavares, Ohio Senator District 15
7:45 AM Rep. Cheryl Grossman, Ohio House of Representatives, District 23
8:00 AM Tony  Siciliano, Lung Recipient
8:15 AM Erika Healy, Friend Died Waiting
8:30 AM Jen Feucht, Donor Mom
8:45 AM Albert Edmondson, Believer
9:00 AM Bobbi Shaffer, Heart Recipient
9:15 AM Darlene Middlebrooks Smith & Julie Middlebrooks-Reid, BMV Deputy Registrar
9:30 AM Alexa Middlebrooks & Alex Jackson Middlebrooks, Kidney Recipient and Mom
9:45 AM Dr. Jan Gorniak, Franklin County Coroner
10:00 AM Mark Chapman, Tissue Recipient
10:15 AM Maria Wolfe, Donor and Recipient’s Family
10:30 AM Zack and Patti Little, Candidate and Wife
10:45 AM Rollie Merriman, Living Donor
11:30 AM Christy Bell, Kidney/Pancreas Recipient
11:45 AM Christy Bell, Kidney/Pancreas Recipient
12:00 PM Judah Brush, Kidney Recipient
12:15 PM Marcia & Chris Wasielewski, Donor Parents
12:30 PM Becky Miller, Donor Sister
12:45 PM Kaitlyn Thompson, Tissue Recipient
1:00 PM Don Huiner, Family of Recipient and Donor
1:15 PM Chris Nance, Cornea Recipient
1:30 PM Jackie Blosser, Donor Mom
1:45 PM Mater Alexander, Liver Recipient
2:00 PM Connie Sivard, Fiance Died Waiting
2:15 PM Andy Furr, Liver Recipient
2:30 PM Bridgette Chandler, Candidate Waiting
2:45 PM Roger Walker, Donor Parent
3:00 PM Judy Jackson, Kidney Recipient
3:15 PM Brenda Gerencser, Kidney Recipient
3:30 PM Dr. Robert Higgins, Executive Director, OSU Wexner Medical Center
3:45 PM Carla Fountaine, Candidate Waiting
4:00 PM Colleen Swabby, Donor Sister
4:15 PM Bill Laing, Lung Recipient
4:30 PM Margot Miller, Tissue Recipient
4:45 PM Melissa Ramey, Liver Recipient
5:00 PM Vee Penn, Kidney Recipient
5:15 PM Teri Marburger, Donor Mom
5:30 PM Michelle Seymour, Kidney and Pancreas Recipient
5:45 PM Jim Eckard, Liver Recipient
6:00 PM Randi Foraker and Greg Smith, Living Donor and Husband
6:15 PM Leslie Pelino, Liver Recipient
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