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A Mother Marks 10 Years of Gratitude for her Son’s Donor

By: Kara Marshall

Saying thank you for saving my son’s life doesn’t seem like enough. My son, Logan, celebrates ten years today since receiving a life-saving liver and small bowel transplant when he was just fifteen months old. I can imagine saying ‘yes’ to donation was so hard for his donor’s family because they lost their child that day. Logan’s donor gave gifts of life that allow my son to play outside, go to school and grow up with his two sisters. I will forever be grateful to the donor that gave Logan a future.

Logan, in liver failure, one month before a transplant saved his life.

 Logan was hospitalized for most of the first year of his life. He was born with an intestinal birth defect called Gastroschisis, where the intestines don’t develop properly in the womb because the stomach cavity never closes. Surgery to fix his condition failed and Logan’s intestines died. Fed through IV nutrition, Logan’s at-home treatment destroyed his liver and he went into liver failure. Logan was deteriorating fast and in January 2003, he was airlifted to The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center to await a liver and small intestine transplant. Only a donor’s gift could save Logan’s life.

A donor’s gift allows Logan to enjoy a full, active life with his family.

The image of my son’s pink, healthy cheeks after his transplant on April 3, 2003 is forever imprinted in my mind. While my son is Autistic and may never fully understand the gravity of his donor’s gift, I am Logan’s voice and think of our donor family often.

Logan, now 11 and in fifth grade, is living a full and happy life because he received a transplant in time.

We will release green balloons today for Logan’s donor and enjoy cupcakes at home in a small but mighty celebration. Thank you Logan’s donor family, for choosing to support organ donation ten years ago. We hope others will make the heroic choice to register as organ, eye and tissue donors in the Ohio Donor Registry. Register today! 


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