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Sue and Mike Murphy, Donate Life Ambassadors of the Year

Lifeline of Ohio awarded the title of Donate Life Ambassadors of the Year to Sue and Mike Murphy. Terri Louder, Community Outreach event and volunteer coordinator described their work at the annual Ambassador Appreciation Event on November 1.

“Let me share with you what we look for in our Donate Life Ambassador of the Year.


 •The ambassador of the year has worked a minimum of 40 hours

•They have been a Donate Life Ambassador for over a year

•They have successfully incorporated Lifeline of Ohio in their workplace, church, civic group, business association, or other organization or community group.
•They have inspired others to become donors
•They have recruited other Donate Life Ambassadors
•They have mentored new Donate Life Ambassadors

I know you’ll know this famous couple that we honor tonight. I’m sure you’ve worked with them or met them at an event or two!

They went E-V-E-R-Y-WHERE! and did E-V-E-R-Y -THING!!! 

This couple shared their message at our Donor Family Recognition ceremony, rotatry meetings and the Senate Organ Donation Caucus. They painted a plate for “Create for a Cause” and sat in the green chair during “Take a Seat for Life.” They visited BMVs to thank them for their service, they worked at FrontRunner, helping to distribute Dash packets, as well as created a team to honor their son, Jason.  They not only went to High Schools to teach about donation but they even helped a student with her project and went with her to present it! This husband and wife team also went to 17 health fairs! They worked on multiple office projects and have served on the Candlelight Vigil Planning committee for several years.  

In addition, they have made workplace partnership connections for us. They are never afraid of anything! They even went to the Franklin County Courthouse and worked a Donor Designation Station! The list goes on, they’ve contacted churches for National Donor Sabbath also. In fact, I probably should have just listed the things they didn’t do!

Oh, the places they’ll GO! More than 48 different places with their message and their giving spirits!  Together, this amazing team gave nearly 250 hours in one year!  Isn’t that incredible? Beyond Donate Life Ambassadors of the year, I consider them dear friends having traveled with them to the 2010 Transplant Games in Wisconsin.

I wish I could reimburse their mileage for all the miles they’ve traveled. Unfortunately, it would put us out of business. Check this out: (See picture of Great Wall of China!)

Sue and Mike Murphy, 2012 Donate Life Ambassadors of the Year, take the Donate Life Message everywhere they go!

They truly have taken our message to the other side of the earth! They are standing on the Great Wall of China!  And, folks, this was their idea to take the Donate Life Flag with them! Please help us show our thanks to Sue and Mike Murphy, Donor parents of our hero, Jason who saved 4 lives as an organ donor.   Jason’s legacy lives on, through both of you!”



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